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Having studied in Mount Carmel High School and done a short course in graphic designing as a hobby in college, it is quite surprising to know that Bhagyawanti, the brain behind #idea, has a Masters degree in Finance (yes, you read that right!). On the other hand, Nitant did his Bachelors in IT from Australia and design came along unexpected. They have come a long way and done really well with their efforts in the field of design, where they create some incredible and ‘cannot-stop-yourself-from-buying-more’ stuff!

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We were so curious to know how she from being a Financial analyst, took up the unconventional path of designing. We found ourselves amazed with some of her answers!

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What is the inspiration behind your brand?

We are a team of designers passionate about design. Aspiring to bring life to our design we came up with Hashtag Idea. We want to make gifting more fun and creative and add that quirk to your space!


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How many members make your team?


I am mainly a graphic and UI designer and wanted to design products to reach people and give a feel to my design. That led me to team up with my sister Juthika Solanki and my friend Nitant Patel to start #idea. We have had a great response so far and it’s so nice to know that people love(d) our work and ideas.

What's the story behind your brand name?

Hashtag signifies a trend. We wanted to design unique artwork appealing to people which also comes with time. Our wall art is inspired from trending music, TV shows, movies and things people love. We give a shape to your idea so there you go #idea ;)


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Which are your best selling products?

Wall art and magnets.


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What kind of people you create your product for?


What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

We would say each step was a challenge as we learnt each and every part of it on the go. Just our passion kept us alive!

For us, every day is just as we always aimed for – not a monotonous routine! With a motto of “you name it, we make it” .. we consider each day a new challenge to learn and work on something new and different. We work right from scratch, from designing the lyrics/quote/product to getting it cut, painting, packaging, etc.

At the end of the day it’s the feedback from our customers which brings a smile to our face! People who see our stuff, can’t actually decide what not to take (seriously, I am not exaggerating) as we make words one can relate to! That feeling! That is the feeling just can’t be summarized in words.

Where do you see your brand two years from now?

Growing definitely. Let's wait for it!


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How do you think your initiative could change the society/industry?

We wouldn't change but definitely add some art and more creative stuff for the society.

Bonus: Everything can be customized.

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