Behind the Scene- Rejuvenating Ubtan

Vidhi Poddar

Posted on June 09 2018

Behind the Scene- Rejuvenating Ubtan

Rejuvenating UBTAN, a skincare and wellness brand offering luxury products from natural ingredients which are chemical free. There brand's motto is “We make what we can use & feed our family”. It was founded by Vipul, born and brought up in Delhi.

vipul dalmia,rejuvenating ubtan,navvi

What is the inspiration behind your brand?

It all began with my encounter with the ubtan viz a scrub used in the Marwari households with traditional methods and it does wonders to your skin & body. So I used this for a couple of times and the results were amazing even better than various other brands in the market. Thus this erupted the idea of Rejuvenating UBTAN.
Since the beginning, we always wanted to use chemical free products but the products which were available were very highly priced & beyond the reach for every individual, thus forcing everyone to use those regular chemical loaded products available over the counter. That was the time when the idea of making pure chemical free skin care products to be made available to every individual at reasonable prices.

How many members make your team?

We are a team of 5 people. At 21, Vipul was working in an multinational company crunching numbers. Being a true Marwari it was only after 6 years when the entrepreneur bug hit him and started Rejuvenating UBTAN along with Shivank & Neeru. Where Shivank who is 24 years old, is heading the Technology front and has a passion of photography and handles the brand shoots. Neeru is heading the advisory committee and also leads the Research & Development front while Vipul is in charge of the production, marketing and the creative side of the Brand.

What's the story behind your brand name?

The main aim for keeping such names is that the customer can relate to with, and knowing what would be inside and for what purpose it can be used for without any hassle. Like the name suggests UBTAN means Scrub in Sanskrit.


Which are your best selling products?

Although it is tough to answer this question, because as all of our products fulfil different needs and treat different forms of skin related issues, but to name some of our best selling products-
• Grains & Spices Body Scrub
• Coconurish Face Scrub
• Rose & Sandalwood Face Pack 

Buy here-

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What kind of people you create your product for?

We believe that people are moving towards nature and have started accepting the remedial measures that were provided by our ancestors in many ancient Ayurveda scriptures, people who understand the power of pure, natural and paraben free cosmetic products are the ones for whom our products suit them the best.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Our main challenge is to create and maintain a stringent quality benchmark and deliver to the customers for which they are paying for. Also to source all our ingredients carefully across India so that the product quality is not compromised in any ways.


Where do you see your brand two years from now?

We see that people are moving to holistic wellness, and we see a huge potential market out there, where people would prefer opting for organic, chemical free products that would not harm their precious skin over readily available products available at the counters. 

Now we are working very hard towards the wellness arm of the brand to deliver high quality products to the people and creating awareness among the people towards the sustainability and saving the environment.

How do you think your initiative could change the society/industry?

We are trying to do our bit for the society & people by making high grade quality products rich in nutrients free from any chemicals. Since the skin care products applied on the skin, 60-70% seep into the blood stream and the chemical loaded products cause various diseases like cancer. Thus we are trying to create awareness among people to opt for complete chemical free products.

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