Behind the Scene- Earthy Sapo

Vidhi Poddar

Posted on June 25 2018

Behind the Scene- Earthy Sapo

Based in Hyderabad Earthy Sapo is a brand that handcrafts a wide range of natural, chemical & preservative free personal & home care products. The purity of the products helps you enhance your inner beauty. We had a talk with the founder Sheetal Kabra to know more about the brand.
Bonus Points: They have a 6 year old budding entrepreneur in their team.


What is the inspiration behind your brand?

I am Sheetal Kabra, a mother, home maker, and a lover of handcrafted creations. Even though, I have suffered for several years with skin ailments like severe eczema and acne,never did I ever dream that natural care would become a passion in my life! The turning point in my life, was the birth of my daughter, Seher. When my new born baby did not react well to the use of traditionally available commercial baby soaps, I realized the importance of soap and so I instinctively took to the opportunity of learning soap making. With my first batch of hand made natural soaps itself, I witnessed positive change in my and my daughter’s skin. For years, I hadn’t used soap during winters when my eczema would be at its peak, as the soaps would dry my skin out further & aggravate the eczema. I still can’t shake off the feeling of disbelief & amazement when I used my handmade natural soaps in the winter of 2013! The experience eventually led me to study and understand the chemical menace our day to day personal & home care products expose us to. The hunt for alternatives introduced me to natural products and very soon became a passion for me. This culminated in the birth of Earthy Sapo in year 2014. Earthy Sapo is a business division of Kalart Creations. Earthy Sapo handcrafts a wide range of natural, chemical & preservative free personal & home care products.

How many members make your team?

We are currently a 4 1/4 member team- Sheetal, Hussain, Durga, Sai Amma & my 6 year old daughter Seher!

What's the story behind your brand name?

Our brand name Earthy Sapo signifies our product philosophy - Earthy implying from earth or natural & Sapo implying soaps (Latin word for soap). We have a wide range of personal & home care products including body soaps, hair soaps, oils, moisturizers, powders, packs, laundry soap, dish wash soap etc. Our main product line continues to be soaps (all types!)


Which are your best selling products?

Reetha Shampoo Bar, Nuts Over Coconuts Body Cum Hair Soap, Baby Soft Bathing Soap, Tender Touch Unscented Moisturizing Bathing Soap & Divine Simplicity Bathing Soap
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What kind of people you create your product for?

For the health, safety and environment conscious individuals and for those who appreciate ethical & handcrafted creations.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

Handcrafted personal/home care products with quality ingredients tend to be costlier compared to chemical-based factory products as they are both labor & material intensive. As our target customer has always been middle income health conscious segment , arriving at a price which is both affordable for the customer & financially sustainable for us has been very difficult. Scaling up, seemed to be the only way to achieve both the objectives. However, scaling up handcrafted creations can only happen with increasing workforce. But getting staff in our city, who have the willingness and eagerness to work in such domain has been another challenge that we are coping with.

Where do you see your brand two years from now?

 Two years from now, i hope to see Earthy Sapo as a brand known for its principles in both domestic & international markets.


How do you think your initiative could change the society/industry?

In several ways-

1) Making people health & environment conscious by enabling them discard harmful chemicals from their lives
2) All our products are preservative free. By encouraging people to consume products that are chemical & preservative free, we are encouraging them to consume products within their natural shelf life. This in turn would make us & our society both rational & conscious.
3) As our products are costlier compared to chemical-based products, consumers of our products are likely to consume our products optimally & carefully and thereby minimizing wastage or avoid excessive consumption
4) Lastly, but most importantly, enabling reconstructing the "social standards of beauty" from cosmetic to natural, from aesthetics to health, from external to skin deep, from temporary to life long, and from beauty care to personal care!

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