Get Set For Winter!

Vidhi Poddar

Posted on November 14 2018

Get Set For Winter!

Winter is a rough time for your skin. Combine low humidity outdoors with warm and dry air indoors, and you're in jeopardy of loosing your valuable moisture. Luckily we have some best tips to help boost hydration and maintain your healthy glow all winter long. Check out our best skincare routine and put your best face forward this winter!


This is the time to really stay hydrated, so sip on at least eight glasses of water everyday. Cleansing and Moisturizing remains the most important activities. Choose a cream based cleanser to work on dry and flaky skin. Follow up with a sweep of skin tonic or toner. Toner not only feels refreshing but can temporarily minimize the enlarged pores. Choose an alcohol-free formulation that won't dry out or irritate the skin.

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Moisturise your face, neck and cleavage (very important) in the morning. At bedtime give your skin double layer of goodness. Massage a few drops of facial oil first, then follow up with a night cream. Moisturise your skin as much as you can!

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Exfoliating you skin once a week, followed by a hydrating mask, is time well spent. Done regularly, it can help skin creams penetrate faster and more effectively, making your instantly appear softer and smoother.

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If you have dry, cracked lips, protect them with lip balm, preferably with SPF 15. Reapply the balm as often as you can through the day, rather than waiting for your lips to dry out. Resit licking your lips, this only makes them drier. You may also opt for a lip mask after using a lip scrub gently, to slouch off dead skin cell.

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The more hand cream, the better. Whenever you apply a mask to your face, treat your hands too. If nails are flaking apply oil on your cuticles and nails. Treat yourself with manicures regularly.

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Give your feet some attention too. Get into the habit of caring for them immediately after a bath or shower. Start by applying body lotion or oil lavishly on your feet. For few minutes give yourself a foot massage to relax nerve endings. It will help keep dry and cracked heels at bay during the winter months.

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During winters, the oil and sweat glands in your body and the blood vessels constrict a bit. This makes it hard for your skin to keep itself healthy and glowing naturally, and that’s why it needs your help. These tips are not difficult to follow, and you can easily include them in your daily routine. Stay Healthy and Keep Glowing!

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