Keeping New Year Resolution in Check- Our Quota of Healthy Eating!

Vidhi Poddar

Posted on January 01 2019

Keeping New Year Resolution in Check- Our Quota of Healthy Eating!

A delicious meal in a restaurant is one guilty pleasure we all enjoy (well, most of us anyway). What if we were to tell you that you can now dig into a delicious meal at a restaurant without an ounce of guilt! Sounds too good to be true?
Well, we at Navvi brings you our top Cafes/Restaurants where we satisfy our guilty pleasures without any guilt on our body.
This New Year dig into healthier versions of your favourite food – including burgers and desserts - at these places, and cut down those calories.


The first and most important meal of the day.

Our Pick-

The Quench Cafe
Location- Burdwan Road, Alipore- Kolkata

A great place to have a healthy breakfast. The most amazing thing being they open at 8.00 am.

Our Recommendation- Focaccia Stuffed Pesto Char-grilled Sandwich, Masala Omelette and Orange Flaxseed Muffin.

The Yellow Straw
Location- Dalhousie, Minto Park, Sector 1 and 5- Salt Lake, New Town- Kolkata

This is a chain of juice bars that serves up a variety of juices, shakes, smoothies and quick bites.  The fruits and vegetables used aren’t chopped or ground; instead, they are squeezed to minimise oxidation and retain whole nutrients and vitamins. Bonus- They do Home Delivery.

Our Recommendation- Fruit Sundae, Mint Cooler and Skin Glow Straw.



A combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning or early afternoon.

Our Pick-

Mystic Yoga Cafe
Location- Camac Street, Hindustan Park, Salt Lake- Sector 1- Kolkata

Part of a Yoga studio, the café restricts its menu to healthy food and drink options. Open to non-members, this café is a welcome break for those seeking to eat out yet eat healthily. The entire menu is very impressive on the health meter, the breakfast buffet steals the highlight.

Our Recommendation- Falafel Platter with Hummus, Spinach Crepe, Litti-Chokha, Jasmine Green Tea, Apple Pie and the range of  Ayurvedic Drinks.



The abbreviation for luncheon, eaten usually during mid-day.

Our Pick-

Wabi Sabi
Location- Southern Avenue- Kolkata

Wabi Sabi is a dreamy place where you can unwind with your folks after a long day or relax with a book in the corner over cups of coffee and nutritious vegetarian dishes. A cafe cum boutique which offers from gluten-free momos to banana ashwagandha mix to lifestyle products to shop for.

Our Recommendation- Gluten-free Momo's, Grilled Cottage Cheese Salad, Khow Suey and Banana Ashwagandha Mix.



Usually refers to the most significant meal of the day which is done in the evening.

Our Pick-

Eat Good Food
Location- Ballygunge- Kolkata

By nutritionist, Hena Nafis Eat Good Food is all about tasteful meals minus the unhealthy elements. Divided as per your dietary requirements it offers from Pasta to Burgers strictly maintaining the healthy agenda across dishes which makes life so much easier.

Our Recommendation- Pesto Pasta, Pizza, Burrito and Blueberry Cheesecake.



 A course that concludes a meal, often an evening meal.

Our Pick-

The Frozen Tree
Location- Elgin (Near Nika Nak), Salt Lake- Sector 2- Kolkata

Want to know how it feels living a Pinterest dream, well this is the correct place then. Walls decorated with popsicles- related quotes, frames and the counter in a form of a thela. They specialise in handmade ice lollies with organic ingredients and serves two types of pops — fresh fruits and dairy-based. 

Our Recommendation- Strawberry Basil and Fruit Blast.


All these fantastic Kolkata based restaurants/cafes have been on our speed dial. If you have some tips/recommendations for us, do drop us a line in the comment section- we can use all the help we can get!
As they say- The more the Merrier!

Picture Courtesy- Zomato


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