Creamy Nut Bath Bar - Navvi Lifestyle
Creamy Nut Bath Bar - Navvi Lifestyle
Creamy Nut Bath Bar - Navvi Lifestyle

Creamy Nut Bath Bar

CK Lifecare x Navvi
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The STATELY ESSENTIALS Creamy Nut Bath Bar has whisking flavor of milk which is enriched with Almond helps the skin to moisturise, nourish and leaves the skin with beautiful fragrance. One of the most nourishing combinations of ingredients, this soap softens your skin so wonderfully, giving you a whole new bathing experience. A lingering fragrance enhances the entire experience, even more, leaving the skin silky, toned and hydrated. It is a great Nourishment agent and provides royal feeling after the usage. It is a pocket-friendly solution and suitable for all season. The elegant combination of Almond & Milk provides super soft sensation, as it is even very rich in Natural Oils. The Hydrating Properties of the Soap provides relaxation vibes in the Mind. It also improves the skin texture and helps to develop a rigid healthy skin. With its hydrating agent, it makes every bath refreshed and moisturised. The elegant combination of Almond, Milk & Natural Oil remove the roughness of the skin and makes it super soft.

Moist the skin, apply required quantity on body parts and massage on to wet skin to get good lather and rinse thorougly. Repeat if necesarry.
In contact with eyes, rinse immediately.
Soft & Rich fragrance
: Moisture & Tone skin
: Improve skin texture
: Cleanses the skin without damaging cells
: Skin never get hydrated after bath
: provide super soft sensationSoften the skin and provide royal feeling after every bath
: Refresh the mind with it’s soft and rich fragrance
: Helps to improve the skin texture after regular use
: Very pocket friendly and ease to use it while travelling different climatic conditions
: whole new bathing experience

: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kaolin, Caustic Soda Flakes, Almond Oil, Aqua, Perfume, Colour