Icy Lilac Bath Gel - Navvi Lifestyle
Icy Lilac Bath Gel - Navvi Lifestyle
Icy Lilac Bath Gel - Navvi Lifestyle
Icy Lilac Bath Gel - Navvi Lifestyle
Icy Lilac Bath Gel - Navvi Lifestyle

Icy Lilac Bath Gel

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The STATELY ESSENTIALS Icy Lilac Bath Gel has recipe of rosemary with a mild twist of menthol is softened by gentle lavender in a vivaciously luxury scented bath gel. Adorn yourself in the sulphate & paraben free rich lather and you won’t feel anything less than a vision of loveliness in the morning. Stately Essentials Icy Lilac Bath Gel is specially formulated to rejuvenate and replenish dull and parched skin with essential nutrient.This gel makes bathing a spa like experience at home with its calming fragrance. Lavender and rosemary together help boost the blood circulation; relieving congestion & puffiness in the skin. Lavender regulates the production of oil by the sebaceous glands thereby guarding the skin from pollution and infections that may harm the skin. Skin eruptions are visibly reduced and skin remains hydrated for long. Another very important property of Lavender Extracts is the ability to promote cell re-growth

Moist the skin, apply required quantity on body parts and massage on to wet skin to get good lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. In contact with eyes, rinse immediately.
Guarding skin from Pollution & Infection
: Nourishes & Moisturises skin
: Reduces dark spots
: Repairs skin & has nutritive benefits
: Energises skin
: Deeply cleanses & make cell active
: Amazing fragranceHelp to boost blood circulation
: Ability to promote cell-regrowth
: Free from Sulphate & Paraben
: Eliminate nervous tension and has a calming effect
: Overall wellness of skin
: For daily use
: Not tested on Animals
: Organic Preparation

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