Lavender– Witch Hazel Sensitive Skin Face Toner

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Sensitive skin gets the worst of skin effects in an instant. Pollution harms the skin big time and keeps us at a constant fight with the urge to restore the skin life and remove the ever-recurring pimples, fine lines and more. It is the toner which sets in the ph balance of the skin and helps in cleaning the skin from within so that one can have a much managed and fresh skin. With the right toner, you can turn your skin game around and make your face radiate a glow with purity that you have never encountered before.
Mirah Belle has brought the twisting mix of lavender with witch hazel to provide for a much excruciating skin toner which aims at treating the skin with care while letting you enjoy the perks of repairing the skin from within. Wiping the toner on to the skin will give you an exemplary earthy smell and feel letting you enjoy the goodness of lavender and hazel to bring in freshness, natural aroma and a restoration of skin.
Rose water, Aloe Vera extract, Oats extract and Witch Hazel extract
"Shelf Life - 1 year COD available Delivery with 5 to 7 days"
1 Lavender – Witch Hazel Sensitive skin face toner