Rose Mulberry Dry Skin Body Wash

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The products that one uses to bathe should have a relaxing effect on your mind and your body. The soaps present in the market do promise to offer the perfect fragrance and freshness, but at the same time, the presence of SLS and Paraben makes them very hash to use on the skin. For those of you suffering from dry skin, the use of such products can aggravate the problems. Even for those with an oily skin condition, the use of regular soaps adds to the problem by drying out the skin and forcing it to produce excess oil.

Dry skin needs that extra moisturizing for your skin and what better than our Dry Skin Shower Gel. Our products are 100% natural and are handmade from natural ingredients. The Rose Mulberry shower gel provides you with intense hydration without actually drying your skin or clogging your pores.
Benefit: Moisturises & Hydrates Dry Skin Rose essential oil, Mulberry fruit extract, Wheatgerm extract and Gokharu seed extract.
"Shelf Life - 1 year COD available Delivery with 5 to 7 days"
1 Rose Mulberry Dry Skin Body Wash