Sea Buckthorn - Tamanu Healing Face Oil

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If you suffer from seasonal or weather-related dryness of skin, a face oil is something you need now! Also in case of dehydrated skin, coupling the face oil with a moisturizer/face serum will help you to get smooth and healthy skin. Your face quickly absorbs the oil that penetrates deep into your skin providing it with the necessary moisture, thereby preventing dryness of skin. It can also heal your skin when it gets cracked, or appears dry and rough. Use our Sea Buckthorn - Tamanu Healing Face Oil and enjoy the numerous benefits that it offers. Now say hi to smooth, soft, supple and beautiful skin that glows always!

Benefits : Promotes new tissue formation and encourages healthy skin growth to aid in healing skin conditions. Helpful in treating damaged skin, eczema, rosacea, and fading stretch marks and scars

Skin Type : Inflammed, Scarred & Acne Prone SkinSea Buckthorn Oil, Tamanu Oil and Jojoba Oil."Shelf Life - 1 year COD available Delivery with 5 to 7 days"1 Sea Buckthorn - Tamanu Healing Face Oil