NAVVI: The Best Online Store to Find Affordable Kaftans and Why?

Rahul Swami

Posted on May 01 2024

NAVVI: The Best Online Store to Find Affordable Kaftans and Why?


Most people in central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East wear kaftan dresses as customary attire. However, it has since become a prominent fashion statement and is now one of the most popular clothing choices. This ankle-length garment, characterised by its loose fit and large sleeves, is a popular choice of clothing. Typically, high-quality fabrics adorn it with exquisite crochet work. Originally reserved for the royal families, the garment gradually gained popularity among the general population.

The revival of kaftans 

Many traditional fashion styles are currently making a comeback. Similarly, Kaftans have had a revival, transitioning from traditional to modern styles. The high fashion industry's endorsement is primarily responsible for the ladies' kaftan's resurgence. It has become an essential element in the collections of many luxury designers and firms, returning the garment to the premium market and dominating other designers and popular apparel trends. 

These days, designers are incorporating non-Western cultures into their designs, offering a variety of clothing options. Kaftans have become popular because of their unique styles and universal body shapes.

Why is it difficult to find budget-friendly kaftans?

Kaftans come in different varieties and prices, and many times it is a daunting task to find budget-friendly kaftans. Here are some of the key reasons for this: 

Fabrication and craftsmanship 

Fabric quality, fabric type, and craftsmanship primarily determine the cost of kaftans. Luxury fabrics like silk, fine cotton, and linen are expensive due to sourcing and production expenses. Sustainable and organic fabrics are more expensive due to their rare availability and high sourcing costs.

The use of trained artisans is necessary for traditional methods such as block printing and hand embroidery, which leads to higher final pricing. Handmade intricate patterns significantly increase the price tag of the kaftan.

High Demand 

Kaftans can become more expensive due to a variety of economic and market factors. High demand, especially during summer or vacation seasons, can lead to higher prices, especially for rare or limited designs. Marketing kaftans as luxury items also drives up prices. As demand increases, production expenses also rise, putting pressure on businesses. Investments in skilled craftspeople, quality materials, and new facilities also affect the end price. 

Fashion Trends 

Demanding clothing like kaftans may increase in price due to limited edition issues, promotional activities, unique designs, strong media awareness, celebrity endorsements, and fashion trends. Since consumers are willing to shell out more cash for on-trend attire, several brands capitalise on fashion trends. 

Well, not to worry, we at NAVVI cater to a wide variety of Kaftans with affordable pricing. 

Why is NAVVI the best online store to shop for affordable kaftans? 

We think all individuals should be able to afford fashion. That is why we provide kaftans that are affordable for all budgets. Our kaftan set dresses are affordable without sacrificing any of the characteristics listed below. 

Wide variety of designs and styles 

Our kaftans are an excellent addition to any woman's closet due to their adaptability and comfort. There is a wide variety of styles and patterns available, including royal kaftans, short abstracts, and belted kaftans. Every style showcases your own personality. These kaftans are suitable for any event, from formal galas to vacation days. 

Because of their design, they will look wonderful for a long time and last a lifetime. Our kaftans are a great choice for everyone, whether you like a more contemporary or classic style. 

High-Quality Materials 

The luxuriously soft and environmentally friendly silk, satin silk, georgette and silk crepe used to make our kaftans are well-known for their extraordinary softness. We apply a multitude of thoughts and ideas to these products, from the fabric to the cut, in order to meet our high standards for quality and durability. We use materials that are soft, breathable, and flexible, like cotton kaftan dresses, which allow our customers to feel comfortable in any weather. 

Size Inclusivity 

Regardless of your body shape, you will look beautiful in one of our kaftans. We want to celebrate diversity; therefore, we provide kaftans in a variety of sizes, lengths, and styles. With our extensive size policy, we guarantee that all customers will be able to discover an item of high-quality kaftan that fits them well. With our belief in offering high-quality clothes for everyone, our expansive variety of kaftans spans from extra small to extra large. 

Hassle-free online shopping 

Our e-commerce platform provides a user-friendly and efficient method for browsing. Buy kaftan dresses online from any part of the world. We design our website for ease of use and offer a variety of secure payment options to safeguard your safety and privacy. Our customer service team is ready to help with choosing a modern kaftan dress, tracking the progress of your shipment, or any other queries. Our dedication lies in delivering outstanding service, ensuring a secure buying procedure, and providing a smooth shopping experience.


In conclusion, NAVVI is the best online store to shop to buy kaftan online because we offer a wide variety of designs and styles, high-quality materials, size inclusivity, and a hassle-free online shopping experience. We prioritise affordability without compromising on style and ensure that our kaftans are versatile, comfortable, and made with thoroughness. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience, NAVVI is the ideal destination for the best kaftan dress.

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